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Ever make a video-game character move in funny ways to dance? Well this game is about doing exactly that! Control a "Tiny Dancer" and have some silly fun!

How to Play:

1) Play your favorite songs! They could be on YouTube, Spotify, or Youtube!

2) Control your little character on stage and let them dance alongside the song or music video! Control the exact positions of their arms and torso for endless possibilities!


  • Save up to 9 different poses, and rapidly switch between different dance moves!

To save a pose, hold down [Space] and press the number key (1-9) to select which slot to save it in. Press the same number without holding Space to use that pose!

  • You can even create little dances/routines for your Tiny Dancer to play back at you by playing back a series of different poses!

Press [Backspace] to switch between different Auto-Dance Playback types! 

Change the speed of the dance with [- and =] and hold [Shift] to fine-tune it.

  • Change the look of your character, and choose between 12+ different character skins inspired by different types of dancers!

Press [0] to change outfits! Press the [Down Key] to change the spotlight color!

Created in Game Maker Studio 2.

Created for ACGS Start of Summer (S.O.S.) Jam!

Don't forget to leave a comment and let me know what you think about it!

Install instructions

1) Download Zip

2) Extract

3) Play!


TinyDancerV0.8.zip 1 MB

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