Sharky and Palp! are celebrating the season of GIVING by giving presents to members of the Yogscast! Can you beat all randomly generated 50 levels? While avoiding getting poon'd?

Use the arrow keys or WASD to move Palp! Throw boomerang Ben around with the left mouse button! Use him to deliver presents, and defend against harpoon attacks!

[Don't like repeatedly giving the same presents to Zoey and Simon? Don't blame me for being lazy with art and short with time!  Blame them for losing their gifts so often!]

[SKIP A LEVEL by pressing P.][ Suggested to play in full screen! ]

Created for the Yogscast Game Jam 2019 in less than 48 hours!


I love to read them!

Creator Notes: Short solo project, but I learned a ton of new methods for future game creation! Its what I could do with what little time I had! Sorry it's not so polished! This was incredibly fun to edit in the sound effects from the Yogscast TTT videos as well!

Programs Used: Game Maker Studio: 2, Audacity.

Credits: Yubs, Yogscast (for their wonderful voices from Youtube!)


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This is a fun little solo game, like you mentioned in your desc. I imagine the levels were randomly generated (something I havent touched yet lol) and no doubt made making levels easier. Its charming and entertaining, the sharky and palp lines, the varying skins from Zoey to Simon, the snow, the stupid amount of harpoons, how you can just throw sharky and he gets dozens in him trying to get gifts- Its got attention to detail in all the right places to make it charming. 

It does get repetitive though, and most levels can be beaten by rushing the present before the first wave of harpoons could fire. The game would probably benefit from occasional new elements and something to prevent instant victories before the harpoons come in. Though the times when I was trapped between walls and walls of harpoons were pretty funny.

I'm genuinely exited for your next game, best of luck!

Thank you so much for the well-thought out comment! I really appreciate it!

My next goal is probably to go back through a lot of my games, and do a sort of "polishing and republishing" phase where I fix a lot of issues and convert them to Web in-browser versions!