A downloadable game for Windows

You are an EVIL Wizard who stole a pirate ship, and you are using pixie dust magic to fly it in a crazy joy ride above the city!

BUT the pirates are launching themselves at you with cannons from the ground to try and reclaim their ship!

Slice those scallywags with your killing curse to give you happy thoughts! Happy thoughts make the pixie magic fly the ship longer!

Controls: Click and use mouse to slice at pirates! [If computer has touch-screen that can work too I think?] Press 'R' to restart!

Background Info: It is totally inspired by another game about slicing things... I think it was called Salad Samurai? Additionally, Peter Pan and GTA: San Andreas.

Created for Mini Jam 28: Pirates! Limitation: No Water.

Art, Sound, Programming: Yubs

Install instructions

1) Download Zip.

2) Extract!

3) Run and Play!


GrandTheftBoaty.zip 13 MB

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