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  A quick side project I made over about a week.

Ever watch those movies where someone says "Turn on rear deflector shields!" or other space films with one person on guns and another on piloting the ship? This is one of those games! It's basically like asteroids... but with some team work!


- Shoot random space junk!

- Float around in the never-ending abyss for eternity!

- Play your favorite cover songs using the Space Kazoo!

- Get destroyed by Survive an increasingly overwhelming barrage of space junk and enemy ships and blasters!

- Make High-Scores! And Beat Them!

- Play as an epic space pilot!  (Arrow Keys + Space!)

- Play as the musical gunner! (QWEASDZXC!) *Which also doubles as a Space Kazoo!

- Play as the independent shield operator!     (LMB/RMB or YUI!)

Install instructions

Instructions to Playing:

1. Download ZIP.

2. Extract Files.

3. Run Executable.

4. Play!


AstroBudsV02.zip 2 MB

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