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Interesting game. I like the simplicity of it yet requires careful strategic usages of your resource because it is so easy to lose them. Took a bit to realize that some carrots can actually eat the bugs and that I was throwing them in the pit rather than selling them. :P lol

Nicely done. 
If this is a project you want to continue working on, may I recommend adding stages where you introduce the different types of carrots, things that can be bought, and levels that teach you each mechanics by putting them as goal.

Something like:
Level 1:
- Goal: make $5 dollars
- No pit, no other items to buy
- Only a few seeds and you have to keep your carrots alive until they reach their potential and you can sell them to make the right amount of money etc.

Thank you so much for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed the strategy aspect of it!

I do agree that there are some features which are not explained too well in-game, so I like that idea of adding challenges to introduce different mechanics to the game! It could help a lot more than just reading instruction or being forced through a tutorial!


So charming! It was a great idea to give them names. I love the animation and the core gameplay loop is really engaging. Great work!

Thank you so much for playing! It really was fun learning how to randomize names based on a text file this jam! I'm glad you liked the game!


Really fun game to play. At first I was confused what to do so kept killing the bugs. But when later found they can be fed to carrots I was raising an army of bug eating carrots.

In the end I had giant, super serum-ed, bug eating carrots roaming around the screen. Keep up the good work 👍

I'm glad you figured it out! Now go forth and conquer the world with your army! Thank you for playing!


I grew overly attached to a carrot named "Ohio". He came between me, my family, and my career. I love him.  

Very cool game!


Thank you for playing! I'm sure Ohio loves you too! 


This game has bugs, y'all. Like, a lot of bugs. But bugs are ok. Also a lot of carrot petting.

Yes. All of this is true.

Thanks for playing!


Im sorry Orange, but I need money to grow giant mutant carrots!


Sacrifices must be made for the greater good.... RIP Orange.

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I've completed the game, wanted to pin screenshot, but at the last moment i spot thwe clock button, so i pressed on it and lost all my progress immidietly :ccc

But what an amazing game!!


Oh no! The reset button! Maye your carrots rest in piece.

Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

I think, i will add living carrot to one of my next games as a reference :p


WOW! This game is so cute and enjoyable. I spent much more time in it than I expected (got to the Super Serum). Fun! The theme is totally met, since I wanted to send these pests down the pit of death as hard as I could :0


I'm glad you liked it a lot! Good job on reaching the serum! It really is strange how little faces and sound effects can make someone attached to the little carrots! After I lost an entire of growing carrots to a pest,  I literally programmed bug-spray into the game lol!

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Secret Cheat-Code for those reading the comments! Rename a carrot *Bill Gates will give you $100 in-game! (This is case sensitive!)